"The Test was easy to use and understand. It had one instruction for all questions which made it easier to respond. The content was good and assesses the personality and the interests of a person almost accurately".

-Anupurvi Jain


"The results were close to being accurate implying that the test assesses the personality and the interests of a person almost accurately. The overall experience of undertaking the test was good as the results explain a lot of things that one needs to introspect on and take decisions about their career path".

-Daman Dang


"CareerCo‘s psychometric test has the advantages of online tests vis-a-vis written tests... if I were to quantify my feedback it would be:
1. Ease of use - 10/10
2. Quality of content and usage - 8.5/10
3. Over all experience - 9/10".

-Anurag Gupta


"The content is of very good quality and level and is easy to use and complete the test. It is also very time efficient as one can complete the entire test in 40-45 minutes on average...The overall experience and the report I got was pretty good and satisfactory to me. I would perhaps rate the test 8.5/10".

-Ankit Gupta


"The CareerAdvisor Assessment helped me understand what drives me and makes me like some subjects better than others. With their suggestions, I can now choose my course and perform".

-Class XII student

Delhi Public School, RK Puram, Delhi

"I was confused between pursuing B.Com or Journalism in my graduation. CareerCo helped me see the career path for each of these courses, and now i can choose with more confidence".

-Class XII student

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

"My parents were convinced that I should be an architect, like them. Thanks to CareerCo, they realised that I am more suited for Dance, (which I really enjoy), and now I am paying more attention to my dance classes and hope to perform at a national level someday".

-Class X student

Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka

"The CareerCo Assessment really helped us understand our daughter. All the while we were wondering why she wasn't doing well in some subjects. Now we can help her pick graduation courses based on their recommendations. I am sure she will do well".

-Parent of Class XI student

Hillswood Academy, Delhi

"The Counsellors at CareerCo guided us well on how to plan our future and what steps we should take. This is much better than listening to everyone and getting confused".

Parent of Class XII student

Amity International, Delhi

"CareerCo was very helpful in showing us the right way to plan my son's career. I am glad we started early so we have ample time to gather all the information".

Parent of Class XII student

Sanskriti School

"I have attended many career guidance sessions in the past, but somehow always got more confused. This session told us only what we needed to know, and not everything about all careers available".

Parent of Class XII student

Madhuri Education Centre

"The career Recommendations are really helpful. Some really good options came up which we had not even thought of for our child. What's more, the counselling session helped us understand the scope for each of them. I am thankful for CareerCo to opening our eyes to new opportunities".

Parent of Class X student

Birla Vidya Niketan, Delhi